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Un revólver y un paquete de sandwitches.

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"brotherly hug" my arse, #4, *dear lj*, angst, anime, art, avatar nao plz, beautiful people, books, boys being boys, chocolate, clamp, cocacola, comics, cool icons, creative writing, dramarama, español, fandom, fantasy that feeels like sci-fi, free stuff, go obsession, gorgeous fanart, hot layouts, house harths ilze, humour, i love type, interesting blogs, is that a wallpaper?, it's gonna be legen..., koreans own me, let's 5!, maths, metametameta, mexico, mmwp, music is my drug, ninja time!, obata pawns yourfavoritemangaka, plot over porn, quality manga, radiohead is my density, reading, real programmers use butterflies, sci-fi that feels like fantasy, sentences that end abrup-, stalking, teh angst, that 70's show, the value of x, together? i think so, ul, ust, web design, well written fanfiction
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